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A professional bail bondsman might be necessary when someone gets arrested in the Vista area of San Diego, California. Our company fully understands the needs of people who have relatives or friends detained by local authorities, and value their freedom just as much as you do. As experts in the field, we are confident in our ability to help you deal with settling the set bail through a bail bond. We can also provide people with information regarding the arrest, the charges laid down, and the information regarding booking, as well as give you all the other details you need before processing their release.

You can call us for help in posting bail through our local number at (619) 224-5669 24 hours a day. People who have questions and concerns regarding the case can also contact the San Diego Sheriff’s Department through the information below.

For 24 hour bondsman assistance with Vista Jail bail bonds, contact us at (619) 224-5266.  An experienced and licensed bondsman will answer any questions you have.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

San Diego County Sheriff’s Vista Station
325 South Melrose Dr., Suite 210
Vista, CA 92081

Vista Detention Facility Jail

Vista law enforcement is the responsibility of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.  Men who have been arrested in the Vista area are commonly brought to the Vista Jail after booking and processing. Females are also brought to the very same detention center. The Vista Detention Facility is a type II facility, and is a key point where people are held prior to their scheduled trials.

The Bail Bonds Process

The process of getting a bail bond starts with a consultation with a licensed bondsman from our company for assessment. Once approved, we will quickly take care of the processes necessary to facilitate the release of the arrestee. People related to the detained person will only have to fill out a few short and quick forms which includes the bail bond agreement, which they can easily and conveniently send back through fax or email. The bail bond will generally cost around 10% of the total set amount for the actual bail. After bail has been posted, your loved one will then be processed for release.

Experienced Vista Bondsman

A lot of people have chosen us because of the years of experience under our belt. With that much experience, we are proud to say that we can capably manage any specific type of case. Our expertise in the field has also helped us to further understand each process involved in the bail bond, allowing us to process the release of your friend or relative in the shortest time possible. If any of your loved ones have been arrested, call us today at (619) 224-5669.

For a quick release from jail and for any questions regarding Vista Jail bail bonds, call and speak to a professional bondsman at (619) 224-5669.


Updated:  01/04/2012


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