San Diego Sheriff’s Department

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is the county’s chief law enforcement agency. The Sheriff’s Department manages the county’s law enforcement, court services, and detention bureaus. Encinitas, Poway, Solana Beach, and San Marcos are just some of the cities that are under the Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

The Sheriff is an elected official. The residents of San Diego County vote for someone who can serve as the chief executive of the Sheriff’s Department. He has many law enforcement services at his disposal. These services include crime prevention, traffic, investigations, crime labs, crime analysis, narcotics enforcement, criminal intelligence, emergency services, licensing, and communication. The Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the entire county, and constitutes a major law enforcement operation, receiving about 500,000 calls each year.

Housed in the John F. Duffy Administrative Center in Kearns Mesa, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department handles 7 major detention facilities all over the county. These are East Mesa, Facility 8, George F. Bailey, Las Colinas, South Bay, San Diego Central, and Vista Detention Facility. Male and female arrestees are booked at different jail facilities. Male suspects are booked at the Vista Detention Facility and San Diego Central Jail. Meanwhile, female suspects are booked at Vista and Las Colinas Detention Facilities. All other inmates are under the Sheriff’s custody.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department handles the booking and housing of these people. The officers also handle the inmate’s release after bail has been posted or if the case has been dismissed. The department provides services that promote the humane treatment of its inmates. These services include counseling, education, and medical services.

The seven detention facilities have an average inmate population of 5,000 every day. High level security is provided to regional court complexes where a detention facility may be located, while detention facilities in rural areas provide medium level security for the inmates.

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San Diego Sheriff’s Main Office

John F. Duffy Administrative Center
9621 Ridgehaven Court
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 974-2222


Updated:  01/06/2012

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