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Adult males who’ve been arrested in the San Diego, California area are received at the San Diego Central Jail, located in the downtown area of the area. In most cases, people who are arrested do not stay at the San Diego Central Jail for too long, and are only held for booking. Most men who are arrested actually end up in either the South Bay Detention facility or the George F. Bailey Detention Facility.

The South Bay Detention Facility is located in the Chula Vista area. As the only city that facilitates its very own detention facility, a lot of people in the entire San Diego area are brought here after being booked at the San Diego Central Jail. This detention facility has both low- and high-security inmates within its walls.

The George F. Bailey Detention Facility, on the other hand, is located in Otay Mesa in San Diego, and is a maximum security jail facility. Considered to be the largest of all such facilities in the San Diego area, there are many visiting schedules available in this particular detention facility due to the number of inmates.

Bail Bonds Help

Knowing that you have a friend or loved one sitting in jail can be a very compromising situation and you often think how can you bring them home to the people who care about them the most. Although visiting hours can be set and scheduled, there’s still that sting of having to deal with their absence.  People with family or friends detained are constantly searching for ways to get them out of jail.  There are plenty of different options that people can choose, but not all of them can be easy to accomplish. Bail is usually set for people who are arrested, depending on the gravity of the crime they are accused of, but the amount can take its toll on a family’s finances when trying to pay it in full. In some cases, bail might be set for such a huge amount that people will have to look for help from other financial sources just to prevent their loved ones from staying behind bars.

One way to avoid having people who are important to you detained in such facilities is to look for help with bail bonds. A bail bond, also referred to as a surety bond, is an agreement created and guaranteed by a licensed bail bondsman with an insurance company backing up the finances. Agents who will take your case will post a bond for the full bail amount, insuring the defendant will appear for all scheduled court appearances.

When you call our company you will speak to a reputable bondsman who will explain the process and guide you from start to finish.  Call 619-224-5669.  We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for San Diego Central Jail bail bonds.

Booking & Bail Process

When a person gets arrested, the arresting local law enforcement station will handle all the booking and processing. The processing includes taking pictures and fingerprints of the person, and a background check on that person’s name in their nationwide database. The length of time it takes for processing and booking depends on the size of the jail, and the bail cannot be set and arranged prior to accomplishing the booking process first.

The procedure of bailing someone out with the help of a bail bonds company starts with the bail procedure. During a basic consultation process, information will be required regarding the entire situation. This is done in order for bail bonds companies to understand all the risks involved in the bond prior to approving it. Once applicants are approved, there will be some documents regarding the bail bond that will need signing and an application form that has to be filled out. Once all of the processing is done, the licensed bail bondsman will take care of posting the bail bond at the jail, upon which the person detained will be released until their set trial schedule.

Bail bonds are commonly paid upfront even before the bail bond is posted. However, people who cannot pay for the cost of bail can use the various payment plans available. There are a number of different financing options, payment plans, and no-collateral bail bond alternatives that people can choose from. Reliable and established bail bonds companies also accept a variety of different payment methods to add flexibility and convenience with payments.

Looking for a Reliable Bondsman

One of the main things that separate better bail bonds companies from others is their ability to handle bail bonds at a much faster pace. When someone is about to be taken to jail, the amount of time it takes to process the bail becomes extremely essential. A reliable bail bonds company should be able to process everything within within a timely manner, and keep people from actually spending unnecessary time behind bars.

Dependable firms should also be able to handle various bail bonds in different areas of California with a large network of licensed agents. Having such a strong network available makes sure that bail can be posted wherever the applicants may be in the state of California. There should also be a variety of payment plans available for people whose bail bonds requests are approved. Since some bail bonds may cost a lot of money for anyone to pay for at one time, more flexible plans should be offered to accommodate those who are in deep financial need. Some of the better bail bonds companies will even offer no collateral bonds to applicants who can qualify. Having such conveniences and reliable services can play a huge role in helping people find peace of mind in spite of the situation they’re dealing with.

When you call us, we will discuss all payment options.  In addition to cash we also accept all major credit cards and offer flexible payment plans to qualifying applicants.  In most cases we will not require you to have collateral.  Call us now for a free consultation.

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Updated:  01/04/2012


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